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The G.A.S. Partnership is an exciting and pioneering linkage between a government agency, an NGO and an NHS foundation trust working to improve healthcare provision in the Upper East Region (UER) of Ghana.


The Partnership responds to need, complementing not replicating services already offered in the Upper East Region of Ghana, enhancing the skills of the local medical professionals so they can make a lasting impact on their region.

  • Providing Training
  • Sourcing Equipment
  • Building Capacity
I knew I would enjoy this but could not predict my sense of overwhelming job satisfaction….I began to realize how knowledgeable the medical assistants/ nurses are, and how truly committed the few resident doctors are. Although it feels like a drop in the ocean, the ripples make an impact.
Dr Ed Sheridan, General Practitioner
Working with UER region doctors reminds me of the dedication and commitment that many health professionals show. I have a huge respect for the work that they do
Dr Mike Roe, Paediatric Consultant and Chair of the G.A.S. Steering Group (UK) 2012
What we have with AfriKids and GHS is a unique level of commitment and potential to make a sustainable difference to a widely neglected area in healthcare development.
Dr Ollie Ross, consultant anaesthetist, chair of SUHT International Relations Group and volunteer for the G.A.S. Partnership
People in the UK are so specialised and focussed...when they come out to Ghana they get the bigger picture and remember why they went into medicine. It makes people realise just how many resources are available at home in comparison.
Nick Eastcott, Co-Chair of the G.A.S Steering Group (UK Branch)

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